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Lets find out how both Betty and Malcolm have helped Rescue families from property ordeals. Having a Batchelor of Science degree, Malcolm has undertaken a range of roles in his career gaining experience in : Project Management, Procurement, Business Development and more.

Having carried out some property investment personally Malcolm set up a limited company in 2010 and continued to build his personal and the limited company’s property portoflios.

Having a Batchelor of arts degree, Betty is a director of a number of businesses.  Based in Teesside, Betty is a business woman with many years of experience helping businesses and individuals overcome their, sometimes, difficult people management problems with practical solutions.  Betty has valuable skills in managing health and safety and is well versed in risk management and compliance.

Malcolm and Betty both have valuable experience as property owners and as landlords for a number of years and worked alongside one another since 2014.

Malcolm and Betty first met in 2014, as founding members of a local (to Durham) international networking group and when the group launched both Betty and Malcolm took on leadership roles in the management of the group.

This year Malcolm and Betty set up Rescue Property Limited with the aim of helping people out of property nightmares.  We have already helped

  • 2 clients stop renting and get a foot on the property ladder
  • a landlord retire
  • another client out of a negative equity nightmare
  • another client to quickly sell an inherited property
  • another client to sell following a broken sale chain

We are looking forward to helping more people out of their property nightmares so if you are stressing about property please give us a call.