Unable to afford the Upkeep?

Maintaining your own home can often become a real financial burden.  Over time, many jobs seem to add themselves to the never-ending list.  To put everything right can be expensive and it is not surprising that over time many repairs simply don’t get done.

All this can add up and cause a great deal of concern and sometimes stress when parts of your home don’t work properly, especially if there are water leaks or a door doesn’t lock properly for example.  This is particularly highlighted when you come to sell your house to move on to your next home.  At this point, it’s natural to want to carry out essential repairs to present your home in the best possible light so that it will sell quickly and at the best possible price.

If you contact specialists and obtain estimates, it can be depressing to learn just how much it will cost to put everything right.  So if you are faced with essential maintenance or repairs that are simply too expensive then please contact us and we’ll try to help you find a creative solution.



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